Light steel structures

The use of light steel profiles allows designers to freely create
the concept of the structure.
Developed technology concerning production of light elements has been introduced in the market.
In the technology, light steel structures use elements of cold formed sheets, meaning profiles like e.g. Z-bars, channel profiles, those usually used in halls as buoys attached to bolts of frames.
Light steel structures constitute an interesting alternative for objects made with traditional methods.

Advantages of light steel structures
By using the listed profiles as frame elements of the designed object, we obtain load-bearing and durability parameters that are similar to those used with traditional methods – hot formed profiles.
Decreased steel consumption of 30-35%.
Shorter time required to assemble construction and saving of time and money needed for the use of specialist and transport machines.
It is assessed that time savings oscillates within the range of 20-25% of the time necessary to assemble a traditional steel construction, which significantly depends on the materials used, cross-sections of profiles, and their parameters. However, the assembly of light steel constructions is generally faster.
Technological capabilities and geometrical parameters of used cross-sections make it possible for us to obtain interesting shapes of elements, obtaining of which would be impossible in the case of hot formed profiles or concretes.

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